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Booth Specification & Critical Timeline

• 1 set x 340mmH system fascia (visible area 200mmH) with company name in Chinese
  and English


• Octagonal 408 system in white (9 sq.m.) on all closed sides of the booth


• Needle punch carpet (9 sq.m.)


• 2 x 40W fluorescent tubes


• 1 x 500W/ 220V square pin socket


• 1 x Information counter (950mmL x 450mmW x 750mmH)


• 2 x white folding chairs


• 1 x square table (over 15 sq.m.)


• 1 x waste paper basket


• Daily booth cleaning

Critical Timeline of Participation

2020.12.3 – 2021.5.29

Booth Application

2021.4.6 – 2021.6.11

Distribution of Booth Deposit Invoice


Deadline of Booth Deposit Payment


Booth Allocation Meeting Announcement (Including floor plan, regulations and payment reminder)


Booth Allocation Meeting


Announcement of Floor Plan with Allocated Booth Location


Application Deadline for Customs Approval Document – Exhibitors from Taiwan Region

*The application applies to exhibitors from other origins having exhibit items shipped from Taiwan Region to Shenzhen for the Show


Deadline of Booth Balance Payment


Application Deadline for Booth Decoration & Related Items


Show Dates

A Standard booth includes